Sometimes you’re just born with it…

MEET COLEEN NORRIS | Creating something beautiful has been a passion of Coleen’s from an early age. Growing up she was always creating and designing, with endless enthusiasm for making and doing. Coleen continued to explore her creative side while attending Flagler College in St. Augustine. In the years following graduation, she pursued careers in both the design and hospitality industries in the Washington, DC area. During this time she perfected her clarity of vision and attention to detail. After a career with Scalamandre at the DC Design Center, Coleen was inspired to venture out on her own and began working independently in interior design. Today, under the name Nesting Place Interiors, she is able to share her passion for creating beautiful spaces with her clients. By blending style and function she creates a space where “home” is everything you imagined. To Coleen, success means creating a space that perfectly captures each client. Her designs are sophisticated, simple, and stunning. | INQUIRE HERE

Susan Bradshaw | Upon graduating from Bowling Green State University, Susan entered the field of industrial design consulting. With each opportunity in her career, she enjoyed the challenge and growth that every experience brought. After taking some time off to reflect, Susan realized that she was most passionate about the creative side of her career position. It led her to continue her education at Penn where she completed courses in Interior Design, her true field of interest. Susan began her career in residential design with Coleen in 2005. Her design approach is to focus on a client’s individuality and turn their dreams into a reality. Blending design elements that reflect each client inspires her to create timeless design solutions that are truly unique. In other words, her clients are her creative inspiration. Susan’s greatest joy is seeing their reactions once the project has come together.

Paula Larsen | Growing up in California, Paula’s passion for Interior Design began at a young age, which lead her to study Interior and Environmental Design at Brooks College and UCLA. Her love of Coastal Design was a perfect match when she discovered Nesting Place Interiors. As a designer, Paula’s style is fresh, transitional and has a timeless feel. Intermingling diverse materials seamlessly, she mixes modern with classic, luxury furnishings with more affordable ones, and neutral paints with a splash or color. With an intuitive sense of style, a keen eye and love of beautiful things, Paula Larsen creates homes that feel intimate and livable.

DENISE PULZONE | Denise worked full-time while studying Art and Business at St. Thomas Aquinas College in New York. After graduating, she held a variety of corporate roles in business developing strong skills in budget and project management. Over the years, Denise continued her love of art and design. Denise joined Nesting Place Interiors in 2014 as Design Assistant to Nesting Place owner, Coleen Norris, and quickly demonstrated her natural talents, leading to her managing her own interior design projects. A genuine believer in the notion that a home is to be celebrated and shows who you are and what you love, Denise strives to breathe life into every room. Her personable, trustworthy character and clean, composed style ensures lasting relationships and beautiful homes to enjoy for a lifetime.

Angie Hummell | Angie graduated from Furman University and spent several years as a teacher while also pursuing an advanced degree. During time away from the classroom Angie discovered a passion for design while working for an Atlanta-based interior design firm. Angie was able to hone her craft while in Atlanta. Upon relocating to Ponte Vedra Beach Angie discovered Nesting Place Interiors, and when an opportunity presented itself she knew it would be the perfect place to continue her design career. Her favorite part of design is connecting with her clients while creating beautiful, timeless, and functional spaces. Angie loves to play with color and bring in natural elements to enhance a room. Her guiding philosophy on interior design lies in her core belief that any space created for a client should be reflective of their lifestyle and their passions. For Angie, listening is of the utmost importance as she crafts homes that embody her clients’ characters and personalities.

Christine Bonner | Inspired by the natural beauty of South Africa, Christine’s love for art and design began early. After studying Fine Art at Johannesburg Art Foundation, she progressed quickly working with a variety of design magazines. During various corporate moves with her husband, she designed her family’s homes in Chicago, Louisville, and Maryland. We discovered her talents in Ponte Vedra Beach, transforming a “before” fixer-upper into a gorgeous “after.” Her design style is inspired by the sun-soft textures of Cape Town, with a comforting nod to her coastal British roots. Grounded in timeless design, her personal style is unmistakably transitional. Christine believes tranquility is the new luxury. Her goal is to create beautifully-designed, relaxing homes that reveal your family’s favorite place to be together.

Mollie Spriggs | Mollie has the unique gift to both design spaces and paint. Upon graduating from Miami University and starting a career, Mollie discovered a special talent for faux painting, transforming tired pieces into treasured family heirlooms. Mollie soon turned this talent into a successful company focused on transforming kitchen spaces and furniture pieces, providing countless clients with fresh, updated interiors. Combining a designer’s keen eye for quality and creator’s innate magic, Mollie conjures comforting, functional interiors whilst meeting clients’ personal economies. Voracious for art, antiques, the perfect room color, or secret “Can you believe I found it at Home Goods!” treasure, Mollie adores the creative process of transforming an average space into an inviting one. Sharing her love of design with her clients brings her the greatest joy.

Becky Dykstra | After graduating from Miami University, Becky spent several years in the field of education. Following her teaching career, she focused her attention on her young family. Both of these life experiences allowed her to hone her organizational skills, attention to detail and problem solving acumen. These talents prepared her well for her current role as Office Manager at Nesting Place Interiors. It is her pleasure to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes so the design team is able to fully focus on their clients. Becky is also the social media maven behind our Instagram and Facebook accounts, be sure to visit us there!